Freestyle Impersonations

Why Athena?

This name is the Lorem Ipsum of bullshit names. Completely out-of-whack and just plain wack, I propose a new name game contest to find a new sobriquet for the artist formerly known as "Athena".

Your thoughts?


How do YOU define yourself?

There have been many debates on appropriate nomenclature for various peoples from various places coming from various backgrounds....

So, I'm going to start off with this:

When it comes to race:

How do you define yourself?

And how has your personal definition been constructed?


Hello, and welcome! I've created this blog as an extension of one of my favorite things to do, DEBATE, and one of my favorite things to debate about, RACE and CLASS.

I am a very outspoken and to the point person, sometimes at a fault. I'm interested in getting feedback on topics and sparking discussions in which people can share their opinions and ideas honestly, but at the same time in a self-moderated manner. In short, say what you feel, but remember that you are responsible for your words.

As a newcomer to blogging, if you have any suggestions or problems, I am open an receptive to hear from you.

Take care, and have fun!